Teller’s Cove by R.W.Van Sant

This was the first novel I ever finished. I have been working on it since I was in my twenties. Naturally I have had to make several changes. Last weekend I revised the entire book from start to finish. I think it is a much better book now.

I sent it to my first editor, my younger brother. He did some revision and sent it back. My final editor has it now. While I am waiting, I have photo shopped a cover for the e-book and the paperback. I have have written all the little disclaimers that are traditionally part of a book, determined important search worlds, did my demographic research, and am only waiting for the final edit to be finished. I hope I can get the book up on Amazon by the end of the week, and paper back within a week or so afterward. Image


Re-writes moments of clarity

As we write, be become attached, to a word, a phrase, a scene. After putting a book on the back burner for a time, getting back to it can cause some serious cringe worthy moments. Even after numerous revisions, a scene is just bad, it doesn’t belong. Don’t be afraid to remove scene and language that takes the story or your characters in a direction you do not want. 

I first started writing Teller’s Cove back in the late 80’s. Lots of things have changed since then. Technology, society and most of all myself. I find that situations that caused tension in a scene no longer apply with widespread use of cell phones, the internet and the evolution of male/female relationships.

I could have continued to write the story, setting it in the 1980’s, but opted to update it.this requires a complete re-write. I believe that Teller;s Cove will be a better novel for it. It will be tighter and more edgy..

Wish me luck.

Publishing Books in e format

<h1> Update</h1>

After waiting for years waiting to hear back from agents and publishers, I have decided to e-publish my books and short stories. 

Last semester I was accepted into an MBA program and had a good class on marketing. I will attempt to use the skills I learned to promote my fiction works.

The amount of research involved has been staggering. I find the process interesting.

Will keep you informed.

The first book I intend to publish will be a short story anthology with the same name as this blog “Synaptic Overload”  by R.W. Van Sant in hopes that they will help reinforce each other in search engine optimization.  The stories are fantasy, science fiction and horror, four of which have already been published in various magazines

Neglected Blog

On Time Management

It’s been one of those weeks where you have classes to teach, papers to write, editing to get done, résumés to update and sent out.

I’m sorry I neglected you my dearest blog page.


Also, I have been working on a VLog. Don’t get jealous. You know how important to me you are, I just think I need to experience more formats. When I get it ready, I’ll introduce you. You should be great friends.

I would never forget you. No one understands me the way you do or puts up with my insane ranting’s and strange investigations.

Thanks for understanding.

Your creator R W Van Sant

Completed first draft of third novel

Greetings to all who come across these words,
I have finished the first draft of my third novel “i factor”
The idea for this book arose from my attempt to visualize what the relativity equation predicts occurs to time, space and density of objects moving at super luminal speeds.
It is commonly understood that as an object, such as a star ship, approaches the speed of light, its length shrinks, its mass increases and time on the object, or vessel, slows down. At light speed the object reaches 0 width, infinite density and time for the object stops. It is therefore impossible to go any faster as it would require an object that is trapped in time to burn an infinite amount of fuel to go any faster.
That is the easy to understand part, if we ignore the light speed barrier and assume an object, or star ship, is traveling at twice the speed of light the numbers get interesting, they turn into negative square routs. At twice the speed of light length, density and time are multiplied by the square rout of negative 3. or 3i. This means the number is ‘imaginary”. If you square the multiplication factor, then it becomes negative three. Distance inverts, mass becomes negative, and time travels backward.
Working on the theory that between the light speed barrier, where time slows down, and speed of light squared where it moves backward there is a region of velocities where it does both, simultaneously. I tried to figure out what space shrinking and inverting, mass increasing and becoming negative, and time moving simultaneously forward and backward would be like.
Got a headache yet?
Imagine what it would be like to experience the two years it would take to reach the nearest star. It would take the ship two years, the passengers would experience two years of past, two years of future in a dense and anti dense world with increased and inverted length, in less than a microsecond. It would completely obliterate a human mind.
From there the story evolved.