Final Post for Synaptic Overload

I have revamped my website and am incorporating my blog into the site. Thank all of you for following my rants raves and insane ramblings. I hope you will continue to do so at my website. 

Have a great time all.


Recent Shark news

Recent Shark news

Snack attack!
One tagged Great white shark is slowly making its way down to Texas after stopping by at nearly every beach in Florida.
An other 9 foot long shark was eaten at a depth of thousands of feet by something as of yet unknown. Its tracking unit spit out a week later.

Facial Expressions


During my last revision, I discovered I did too much telling of emotional states and not enough description of them. I have decided that I need to Improve. Therefore, as of yesterday, I started to carry a little pocket notebook specifically to describe the various expressions and body language that I see, on the bus, at college, on movies, where ever. This will help to make my horror books such as Teller’s Cove or my Science Fiction works like the upcoming Pressee and iFactor books., more captivating and interesting. 

I will keep you updated, maybe I might post some of the more interesting observations.


One Type of “Small” Edit That Makes A HUGE Difference In Your Writing

I am editing my first two novels for publication and I am encountering these exact situations. I lost over 5,000 words from Teller’s Cove and expect about the same percentage of Pressee to go the way of the dodo.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 2.39.00 PMCutting down on your word count can be a difficult task for any author, though this is a large part of editing. The very vast majority, if not all, of us have a lot of unneeded information in our novels that we just don’t need. As I re-edit my Herezoth trilogy for an Autumn release of new editions, I realize where a lot of my cuts are coming from:

  • Unneeded repetition or emphasis
  • Unneeded descriptions or elaborations of people, places, or things
  • Over-explanation, or explaining concepts that aren’t confusing or interesting

Number three is something I think we are all guilty of as writers. We get to a point where we don’t want to confuse the reader, so we want to make sure something is clear. And then we overdo it. You know what they say paves the road to hell, right?

Maybe it’s an inherent “contradiction” in character motives…

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Teller’s Cove by R.W.Van Sant

This was the first novel I ever finished. I have been working on it since I was in my twenties. Naturally I have had to make several changes. Last weekend I revised the entire book from start to finish. I think it is a much better book now.

I sent it to my first editor, my younger brother. He did some revision and sent it back. My final editor has it now. While I am waiting, I have photo shopped a cover for the e-book and the paperback. I have have written all the little disclaimers that are traditionally part of a book, determined important search worlds, did my demographic research, and am only waiting for the final edit to be finished. I hope I can get the book up on Amazon by the end of the week, and paper back within a week or so afterward. Image



I am a writer-
You know you’re a writer because its what you do-write-all the time. Ideas pop into your head at all hour of the day or night, Still seeing your book made real, holding a physical copy that you can open, flip through and see the words and sentences you slaved over–validation.