Re-writes moments of clarity

As we write, be become attached, to a word, a phrase, a scene. After putting a book on the back burner for a time, getting back to it can cause some serious cringe worthy moments. Even after numerous revisions, a scene is just bad, it doesn’t belong. Don’t be afraid to remove scene and language that takes the story or your characters in a direction you do not want. 

I first started writing Teller’s Cove back in the late 80’s. Lots of things have changed since then. Technology, society and most of all myself. I find that situations that caused tension in a scene no longer apply with widespread use of cell phones, the internet and the evolution of male/female relationships.

I could have continued to write the story, setting it in the 1980’s, but opted to update it.this requires a complete re-write. I believe that Teller;s Cove will be a better novel for it. It will be tighter and more edgy..

Wish me luck.

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