Teller’s Cove by RW Van Sant

Teller's Cove by RW Van Sant

About my writing process
I, R W Van Sant have just finished editing Teller’s Cove for what I hope will be the second to last time. I have sent it out to many beta readers and am anxiously awaiting their response. As I wait, I will be dutifully writing a synopsis, completing my research on agents and publishers, and writing query letters. In a couple of weeks, I will take the suggestions of my beta readers into account and if necessary make changes before sending them out to find a home. I fully expect the agent, publisher or both to make reconditions and a further edit.
I started to work on the final edit for Pressee. It is a more straight forward story so I anticipate a more rapid edit. Hopefully, it will be ready to send to beta readers by Halloween. After sending out to my readers, I intend to follow the same procedure and start on the second draft of iFactor.
If all works well, I hope to continue working without break until I have a steady flow of published books, books about to be published, books submitted, books being edited and one in progress. I currently have over thirty ideas for novels, so I do not expect writer’s block in the near future.
As for my vblog, the video reading of “Whale Song”, I have found a collaborator with more video production skills than I. She informs me we should have a finished video soon.
Thanks to all.