Organic space craft designs

How much of the designing of a space craft is dedicated to making up for the biological structural inadequacies of the species that created it. Our space craft have to make up for quite a few of them. First of all space craft have to have a strong shell that can maintain heat, atmosphere and block out radiation. For longer trips through space, some form of artificial gravity is needed or our muscles start to atrophy and we lose bone mass. It is therefore of critical importance to a human designed space craft to have these features, while remaining light enough to push out of the Earth’s gravitational field.

Alien ships would also by necessity have to make accommodations for the biological inadequacies of the species that designed them.  If we believe, and indeed I do, that if life exists in space it will be of any conceivable form that follows biological evolutionary laws that are dependent upon the world, and ecosystems in which they evolved, then these space ships must be built to those specific imperatives. If a species has the ability to maintain its own internal pressure and doesn’t need to breath, then their space ships could be cages with rockets attached. Such a space ship would require less payload requirements and less energy to make it into space.

 Such a species may reach the stars much sooner than a species that evolved in an ocean and depends upon the water pressure to maintain internal pressure. This species would not only have to have a strong frame for pressure support, but would also have to use water as atmosphere dramatically increasing the energy required to make it into space. This species would only develop space travel after creating a very powerful energy source.

Enough for now,

Awaiting your thought on the matter.

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