On Editing choices

Tangent time

Is it more important when writing a story to keep the momentum moving, or take time out for some exposition scenes that contain information that is necessary for the reader to fully understand what I, as an author am trying to impart?

I am going over my first novel, again, before sending out to the beta readers (Thanks to all of you who have volunteered). I find myself reading scenes that at first, second and seventh seemed critical to the story even though it slows down the story. I want to delete huge chunks of, is this necessary or can I just lose a few thousand words and incorporate the few bits of important info in other ways.

On the other hand, can you write a book which is just one exciting scene after another until it ends? Maybe, but is that doing justice to the reader or the story. In other words, if I take a knife to my manuscript am I butchering it, or cutting out the cancer which would kill the chance of it ever being published.

Something to think about.

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