Alien life part 6-on Interpose-able thumbs

synaptic overload

 Alien Life part 6

 How important is an interpose-able thumb anyway 

This is another case where I believe we, as a species fall back into the comfort of conceit. We have thumbs, we can grab things, and therefore the interpose-able thumb is necessary to build a society.  Granted an organism with absolutely no ability to manipulate its environment might become hyper intelligent,  but it wouldn’t be able to do anything with that ability. I do not believe, however, that the human thumb is solely responsible for our great advancements in civilization.

I believe that all that is required is for a species to have the following abilities:

  1. To think, and cooperate with others.
  2. To perceive its environment, in whatever way it can.
  3. To alter or change that environment, through whatever means it can

We communicate with others, and cooperate with each other, even if involuntarily (such as slavery).

We can…

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