Alien life part 5 governments

Alien life part 5- Government

To recap- I defined culture as the learned responses to external stimuli that is learned and taught to subsequent generations. As such it is unique to the group of organisms that created them and can be voluntarily chosen, abandoned or adopted by an alien species. Civilization is defined as modified from Webster to accommodate alien life an advanced state of society in which a high level of culture, science and organizing authority has been reached.

I changed the definition of civilization to replace government with a more general organizing authority. In order to create a civilization there must be some kind of cooperative behavior that pushes the species to a high degree of culture or sophisticated interconnections of responses to stimuli that is taught to subsequent generations. A government can teach and enforce these cultural norms to all their members, but then again so can a religion, a family, or a species might have genetic memory or that individuals are part of a larger group consciousness.

In order to advance the level of technology and accumulate a high level of scientific knowledge, then there must be some driving force, either intrinsic or extrinsic to the individuals. An intrinsically motivated species would strive to build a society and seek out knowledge without the need for a government, and an extrinsically motivated one some strong leadership cast or other compelling group would be necessary to do so. Naturally these would be the two extremes of this spectrum and anything in between could be possible, including conflicts between the two extremes.

Some form of government would be necessary, however, for a species to be mobilized to a particular task or goal, unless of course the species shares a group consciousness.

These are my current thoughts on the matter, please give me yours.

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