On Alien Life part 3

What is civilization?

What characteristics are really necessary for a species to develop civilization? How would we define a non -human civilization? Well some degree of intellect would be necessary, wouldn’t it? Do ants have a society? I mean they have a caste system based on birth, it’s purely biological, but it’s there. So I guess I’d better come up with a definition for what exactly society is.

 Webster provides us with the following: an advanced state of human society in which a high level of culture, science and government has been reached. Well that’s a worthless description for a non-human civilization. If we take out the word human it off the definition it still might apply to the ant, depending on how we knew how to define culture.

Webster says culture is artistic and intellectual pursuits.  Ok that leaves the ants out. I don’t think they have art or pursue any line of reasoning beyond their biological station.  It also leave out many human’s I know who also do not engage in artist endeavors and do not think beyond their biological station.  Does every member of the group need to be cultured or just a few leaders. Does a civilization require leaders, how about inspired dreamers that pull the rest of the group along with them.  Ok then, could an inspired queen bee lead her ant hill to universal domination?

Why or why not?

Alien Life part 3-civilization

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