Thoughts on alien life.

About Alien Life- my thoughts- part 1


The evolution of life follows certain principles.


  1. Life cannot evolve in a way that makes it unable to survive in its environment. Any such specimen would die out before having a change to reproduce. If they do manage to survive, they could not thrive. Therefore, all creatures are shaped by their environment. Example: Photo feeding autotrophic creatures would do very well on a planet with a lot of sunlight, but could not survive on a world with no sunlight, or on the dark side of a world that is tidally locked.
  2. Evolution is the product of mutational accidents. Good accidents make a species more able to survive and the creatures thrive. Bad mutations make a species less able to survive and they die off or fail to thrive. The key here is that mutations are random accidents. It is therefore not only possible, but likely that two identical planets would produce wildly different life forms.
  3. For these reasons, I do not believe that alien life will be humanoid, and may not have any recognizable “terran” features at all. They may not have; eyes, ears, antennae, tentacles, arms, legs, hands, etc. The will have adapted structures that serve the same function within the constraints of the world they evolved on.


To be continued.


Please give me your thoughts.

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